Post-accident street cleaning systems


The Road Cleaner system helps restore the pavement after accidents or spills of hazardous liquids, as required by the traffic laws.
All our cleaning and suction systems grant a COMFORTABLE, QUICK and SAFE operation.
The hydraulic operation and the complete absence of a 220/380V power supply ensures the highest safety levels both for operators and for any person near the working area, in addition to policemen, medical or service staff.
The zone 1 and zone 21 ATEX certification for the liquid suction systems and the absence of cables and electric motors grant safety conditions at work in the presence of wet pavement and flammable liquids, often resulting from road accidents.

Technical details

Hydraulic system operation

The Road Cleaner hydraulic system is powered by three different solutions.

Combustion motor

A control unit, provided with a 14 hp gasoline internal combustion motor, applies pressure to the hydraulic circuit, thus allowing the system to operate.

Power take-off with electric clutch

The pressurisation of the system is carried through a hydraulic pump connected to the vehicle motor through an electric clutch and a belt.

Power take-off connected to the vehicle gearbox

The pressure of the hydraulic system is generated by a pump mounted on a power take-off connected to the vehicle gearbox, if available for this system.

Assembly mode

Our systems can be mounted on the vehicle in various ways, thus optimizing the use of the space and adapting to any operation requirement.


The installation of the system on the rear part helps approach the restoration site with the rear of the vehicle, thus letting enough space in the front of the loading compartment for equipment and various accessories.


The lateral installation of the system helps approach the restoration site with the side of the vehicle, besides centrally distributing the weight of the system. Thus, there is enough space in the rear part of the loading compartment for the transport of equipment and various accessories.


The separated installation helps approach the restoration site with the rear of the vehicle, thus facilitating the ascent and the descent of the operators from the vehicles through the two doors. The distribution of the weight is improved, since the water tank is located in the central part, while the operating unit is in the rear one. The remaining part of the loading compartment can be used for the storing of equipment and various accessories.


Hydraulic cleaning system

  • High-pressure cleaning pump provided with a hydraulic motor, flow rate: 15 lt/min, pressure: 200 BAR
  • Automatic hose spring winder (hose length 18 meters)
  • High-pressure cleaning system high and low pressure lance
  • Detergent mixing system with proportional controller and 5-liter detergent tank
  • Powder-coated iron strcture - size 445 x 720 h. 500 mm
  • It can be equipped with a diesel and 12/24 V power supply boiler to heat the water for the high-pressure cleaning system, maximum temperature 80 °
  • EC Certificate

Hydraulic suction system

  • Liquid suction system provided with a turbine, a 40-liter collection tank and an overflow float, suction power 3,000 mm H2O
  • Suction brush
  • EC and Zone 1 and zone 21 ATEX certification

(Installed) Lighting system for the working area

12V LED working light:

  • 4 10W LEDs (Total 40W)
  • Waterproof
  • High brightness (approx. 3,500 lumen)
  • White light

Tripod support:
  • Adjustable height (max. 2 meters)
  • Folding
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • Aluminium structure
  • 12V extension cord winder, length 15 meters




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