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ROAD CLEANER hydraulic system for the post-accident pavement restoration featuring a control unit provided with a power take-off connected to the vehicle gearbox.

Simultaneous uses
Simultaneous suction and high-pressure cleaning

Hydraulic system featuring:
  • Supporting frame with a pressurized tank to prevent any cavitation at low temperatures
  • Enhanced radiator for an optimal maintenance of the temperature and a high-capacity fan
  • Oil level with thermometer
  • Tank pressurisation cap
  • High-efficiency filter
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Compact control box with a timer
  • Emergency button with accidental recommissioning control system (acting on the electromagnetic clutch release)
  • 300-liter stainless steel water tank with internal anti-shake separators
  • 5-liter detergent tank, with a proportional controller
  • Liquid suction system with a hydraulic turbine and a system more compact, ideal for small vehicles 40-liter tank equipped with an overflow float, suction power: 3,000 mm H2O
  • Automatic spring winder for the suction hose (hose length 10 meters, internal diameter 38mm)
  • Suction brush
  • Hydraulic high-pressure cleaning system, flow rate 15 lt/min, pressure 180 BAR
  • Automatic spring winder for the hydraulic high-pressure cleaning system hose (hose length 18 meters)
  • High-pressure cleaning system high and low pressure lance
  • Global assembly EC certification
  • Zone 1 and zone 21 ATEX certification for the liquid suction system
  • Overall dimensions 1,400 x 1,100 h. 1,250 mm


Model with a diesel boiler for the production of hot water for the high-pressure cleaning system lance.

12V voltage operation of the vehicle